With the advancements in physical therapy, it is truly remarkable to notice improved pace of recovery, injury prevention, and improvements in physical performance. We feel blessed and proud to bring innovative and effective rehab therapies that generate dynamic results in record time.

The team of professionals at ProKinetics is skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our well-trained masterly staff is equipped with the latest physical therapy techniques. They can quickly assess and treat all musculoskeletal disorders.

In Brooklyn, NY (Bensonhurst) and the Bronx, we are known for our specialized hands-on approach that gently heals pain. We will restore your motion along with guidance and motivation that helps you get back to your previous fully functional levels. Our services are carefully rendered in a safe and paced manner. We believe in a holistic approach to individual therapy.

Customized individual approach

We will always make it a point to assure each patient that they are kept up-to-date throughout their physical therapy course. Each of our patients receives a detailed, individualized explanation of the cause and status of their condition. Towards completing their therapy, our patients receive an intuitive injury prevention education to prevent injury-related issues later on.


All hands on deck

Any chronic pain conditions, your individual body alignment, posture, and movement patterns will be intricately examined. We shall determine the underlying cause of your discomfort, pain, and symptoms. Further, your examination results will be used to develop a customized individual treatment plan of care. The treatment will be a fine mix of skilled manual therapies, pain-relieving modalities, and an individualized exercise program. All activities are designed to work in tandem to restore your function and get you back to your daily routine in minimum time.

Our clinic is located at the convenient location of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, NY, and the Bronx where our dedicated staff will help you expedite your recovery and improve physical performance.