In our outpatient setting, we see individuals from diverse age groups. These include children, young adults, and seniors. Our endeavor to help with a broad spectrum of rehabilitative challenges allows patients to become more successful and independent at their home, school, and place of work. We offer several services pertaining to each of the following conditions.

Orthopedic Therapy in Brooklyn


Our holistic orthopedic program offers therapy services to individuals with various conditions. We emphasize increasing strength in the weak muscles. We also focus on tight joints and muscles and help you improve flexibility and motion range. We will sit with you, discuss your precise situation and devise a plan conducive to your individual recovery to overcome physical limitations. Our wide spectrum of treatments include:

  • Targetted deep heat solutions
  • Provide customized solutions for orthotics that help reducing pain in the foot
  • Use of specialized tape while helping you align body structure
  • Use of specialized equipment for a reduction in fibrosis and scar tissues
  • Use of safety equipment for electrical stimulations
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Neuro Rehab

An injury related to the brain can make daily chores difficult. Our rehab services will help you learn to do things you love and be independent again. We are committed to providing custom services to individuals who have suffered an injury to the brain, spinal cord, or nerves. The secret to faster recovery is to start at the earliest.

We are committed to helping you recover from difficulties relating to speaking, breathing, learning, swallowing, etc. We have successfully helped patients who have been diagnosed with the following disorders:

  • Neurologic Conditions
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Parkinsonism
  • Guillian Barre Syndrome
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Deconditioning
  • Ataxia
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Neuro Rehab Services
Sports Physical Therapy Brooklyn, NY

Sports Rehab – We help you get back into your game!

Sports and physical activity are essential to the overall well-being of individuals. We will help you return to your active self and regain your previous level of activity. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of biomechanics for different sports. They can help you with your custom physical therapy program. You will regain strength, motion range, and flexibility.

Our specialized recovery therapies focus on achieving balance and proprioception. We have experience working with athletes who have successfully worked their way in sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, athletics, etc. Whether you are a recreational enthusiast or a professional athlete, we will help you get back into your game fast!

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Hand Therapy

Regain the strength and agility in your fingers and hands with our expert physical therapy services. Our customized program sessions are based on a scientific approach that focuses on redeveloping fine motor skills for your hands. Prevent the occurrence of hand-related disorders like arthritis or prevent them from getting worse. Our exercise routines involve:

  • Hand stretching exercises
  • Hand therapy routines
  • Strengthening therapy ball routines
  • Hand therapy putty routines
  • Advanced hand therapy routines
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Hand Therapy Brooklyn, NY
Teletherapy Brooklyn


We are a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that helps patients in the comfort of their homes. We are fully equipped to offer distance communications using audio and visual telecommunications. Get the treatment you want right at your home and stay healthy and safe. Our patients gain the following through Teletherapy:

  • Direct access to Specialists
  • Reduced waiting times to get services
  • Avoid transportation costs and wastage of time
  • Service availability in On-demand mode
  • No need to break from work or other chores
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At Home Therapy

We provide rehab therapy in the comfort of your home. Our specialists have helped several individuals recover from illnesses and surgeries. Improve your quality of life as you overcome your physical challenges. Regain the confidence and highest levels of independence that help you improve your quality of life.

Our dedicated homebound services are focused on patients who require intermittent home health care. We will work with your doctor to customize your care routines. See the results that improve your quality of life while you stay safe at your home.

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At-Home Physical Therapy Brooklyn
Covid Rehab

Covid Rehab

New York state has seen worse times during the pandemic, and the number of cases continues to flow. We are helping COVID-19 recovered patients to continue on their path to good health.

We help with Covid’s lingering side effects and help with full recovery in a paced manner. Our care programs focus on side effects related to lungs, heart, and behavior complications. We also provide Covid recovered children with rehab care.

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Women’s Health

Our women’s health services are focused on delivering innovative, comprehensive, compassionate care therapies. We offer counseling at the preconception stage as well as pregnancy care. Our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced professionals provide hormonal consultations.

We make it a point to connect with our patients at a personal level. We will sit with you to discuss your physical situation and work with you towards full recovery. Your satisfaction, safety, and comfort are among our top priorities.

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Pregnant woman doing physical therapy
General Weakness

General Weakness

Our seniors have a common medical complaint of experiencing general weakness. They may be experiencing weakness across multiple muscles throughout their body. Our expert, senior care services are at your disposal.

General weakness can be caused by a multitude of reasons. It could start from viral or bacterial infections or colds, or pneumonia. Other physiological reasons could be prolonged stay at a hospital or chronic illness accompanied by prolonged bed rest.

We can help you learn how to exercise safely, improve body functions, and restore your physical strength. Regain your active physical self and independence you always wanted.

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